Military Mission Enhancement

  • Work with the military to identify issues affecting military operations and develop solution sets
  • Identify best practices                  
  • Speak on military sustainability issues such as community involvement and state actions in support of the military​
  • Assist with engagement and communications strategies 

Government Relations

  • Work with client to identify mission impacts, potential solution sets and assemble right partners for implementation
  • Research legislative issues including statutes, rules and pending bills
  • Prepare testimony for legislative and other public hearings                                       
  • Assist clients in proactive approaches to federal and state agencies and city and county governments
  • Encourage regional cooperation among agencies at various levels of government

Duffy Consulting Services


  • Conduct outreach and facilitation 
  • Develop quality outreach materials such as newsletters, presentations, brochures, invitations, website content, fact sheets, etc. 
  • Create partnerships to work issues in a proactive manner  
  • Draft documents to equip policy leaders to articulate solutions in a broad geographic region 
  • Plan, coordinate, facilitate and organize meetings for public outreach to focus on key policy issues including multi-state infrastructure planning