About Us

Duffy Consulting was formed in 2003 by Amy Duffy, its managing member, to focus on government relations, outreach and military mission enhancement. Prior to forming her own company, Ms. Duffy worked in government relations for both private and public entities. Ms. Duffy has considerable experience in outreach efforts with State, Federal  and Tribal entities and has developed materials used by senior government officials.

Ms. Duffy has more than 25 years’ experience in government relations, outreach and strategic planning such as:

  • Working with state, federal and tribal entities to identify issues affecting sustainability and develop solution sets
  • Planning, coordinating, facilitating and organizing meetings (for public outreach and focus on key policy issues) 
  • Developing quality outreach materials such as newsletters, presentations, brochures, invitations, website content, fact sheets, etc. 
  • Creating partnerships to support efforts within a broad geographic region
  • Specializing in government relations, public infrastructure and military mission enhancement
  • Assisting clients in proactive approaches to state legislatures and city and county governments 
  • Preparing testimony for public hearings and forums

Ms. Duffy has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and a Masters of Business Administration.